Let’s break down the items that we will be working on in the next weeks. Please note: we have already started working on some of these tasks, aiming to deliver most of them in Q2 2022.

  • implement the guides tab: as users might have issues finding the necessary video guides, we will include them directly in the DEX

  • Final SSUI release: the simple swap UI (SSUI) is already added in the public DEX build but is not yet completely bug-free also missing some features
  • add localization support: we will add different languages, most importantly covering Turkish and German as these are the biggest HDX communities
  • L2 active enhancement: this update will make it possible to have all LNDs online simultaneously, which enables all trading pairs are always online at the same time and therefore orders don"t get canceled when switching between pairs
  • update orderbooks — DEX refunds, maker payments: this is a more difficult task, but necessary to offer traders and Liquidity providers all features of the initial DEX
  • integrate Arbitrum into the light wallet (Q2-Q3): we want to add more chains — most importantly the one which includes the HDX token. This enables every user can hold his HDX tokens in the light wallet
  • investigate the feasibility of integrating Arbitrum into the DEX (Q2-Q3)

HDX token

  • burn unswapped HDX: this will take place after the end of the official swap date. We might need some extra days to make sure we can follow all pending claims
  • investigate lower HDX APY: as the current high APY is designed to motivate users to swap as soon as possible, we think it should be lower once everyone has swapped. That’s why we are researching this topic, once we have results, we will present the results and put them into a community vote
  • present the initial version of HDX tokenomics: once all XSN coins are swapped or burnt, we can present you the first version of the HDX tokenomics. Please note that there can be some changes depending on the APY vote
  • audit of our HDX smart contracts: to increase and re-assure the security of our smart contracts, we will try to reach out to audit companies and get our HDX related codes audited
  • EVM Scaling solutions (Q3): the crypto space is evolving fast and we want to make sure we are up to date and using the best technology, both for our chain and DEX
  • enhance DEX UX (Q3): gathering feedback from Lazarus, and creating mockups based on this info to improve the UX. Some of the tasks we were talking about in “DEX” should improve the UX but we want to make sure we have the best UX approach
  • investigate HDX DEX rewards: research the feasibility of a decentralized DEX fee distribution mechanism

Marketing / PR:

  • build long-term strategy: identify use cases, evaluate the competition, evaluate strengths and weaknesses, identify our unique selling point
  • build partnerships: contact possible projects and build up relationships, focused on lightning, Connext and Arbitrum projects
  • research possible liquidity providers
  • improve data tracking: collect and evaluate the activity of announcements, links, DEX downloads, etc.

With these planned updates, we want to improve the user experience of the DEX and add more features to it. These updates have been estimated by the developers as a necessary requirement for the mainnet DEX release.

In addition, we want to make the tokenomics of HDX healthy and long-term sustainable, also getting closer to a DEX fees-based rewards structure. As stated in the intro, we want to achieve most of these goals within Q2 2022.

We are also working on some other topics/ surprises we can’t reveal yet, so stay tuned.

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