Welcome to yet another recap of a really busy and exciting month for Hydranet! History was written as the Hydranet DEX debuted on mainnet on the 23rd of September. But that was not all, so let’s dive right in.

Hydranet DEX mainnet release

The Hydranet DEX “Phoenix” has finally been released on mainnet and is publicly available here to download and use at: https://hydranet.ai/download

With this release, there is both a Windows and a Linux build available. This release is a huge milestone for the entire Hydranet community and especially our lead DEX developer Philipp! At the time of writing, well over 3000 trades have been executed successfully on the DEX. Minor bugs have already been patched and things are running smoothly so far. Please read more in our release article about everything you need to know about this exciting release!

DEX development

Although we have had a busy release-month where a lot of energy has been delegated making sure we have a smooth launch and deployment, the development side has not been standing still. This month we have focused on the following improvements:

  • Changed download distribution from AWS to Storj (A crypto cloud storage platform)
  • Researched BTC bump-fee feature
  • DEX refunds for failed channel rentals are functional
  • Hub is fully funded
  • Liquidity Grid bot is operational

Marketing and visibility

This has been a really busy month for marketing and we are proud to share all the progress. Partly the month has been characterized by the awaited mainnet release, where a lot of content had to be prepared in conjunction with the release. The team was hosting a release AMA on Discord as well as Youtube, inviting all of the community to listen in and the channel filled up quickly! The AMA consisted of our lead developer Philipp showcasing the DEX for the first half, and the second half with both Philipp and our team lead Joe answering questions. If you missed the release AMA you can rewatch the stream here!

Simultaneously, we published a special Release Article, and tweets (a.k.a. X’s) were shared among followers. A few fresh guides on how to get started with the client DEX and channel management can now also be found in our tutorials section, as well as herehere and here!

The marketing team has also continued their diligent work with other tasks. At the beginning of the month, another grant application was submitted. This time we applied to the Arbitrum Grants foundation, something we’re hopeful that Arbitrum will appreciate, since our DAO is based on Arbitrum and that our DEX would be able to onboard a lot of users to the Arbitrum Ecosystem.

Another big step was taken from marketing this month as Hydranet’s first press release, regarding the launch of the Hydranet DEX, was prepared and published across major crypto outlets to reach new audiences for the project, you can read it on Yahoo Finance or Cointelegraph among other places.

Other ongoing tasks that we’re currently focusing on are:

  • Reaching out to a few tier 1 and tier 2 CEXs in order to get HDN listed on more exchanges.
  • Preparations for an update of the roadmap is underway.
  • Preparations for Day X event on the 10th of October 20:00 CEST. Make sure to tune in, you won’t be disappointed.

We finished the month off in the strongest possible way by representing ourselves and our product the Hydranet DEX at an official AMA session, hosted by none other than Arbitrum Foundation on the 29th of September. Thanks to Joe and Philipp for representing the project and making sure that we are seen far and wide!


The bonds contracts have finally been deployed and are working as expected! Audit of the contracts was performed by Sourcehat, and was passed without any major issues and we thank our skillful developer Daniel for his diligent work with the contracts. You can read the full audit report here! This also means that new bonds have rolled out, and we direct a huge thanks to the community who have not been late to get their hands on the bonds and by doing so supporting the project! Through the first two rounds of bonds, you have have been a part of making sure that we can:

  • Fund the DEX infrastructure
  • Fund additional Marketing activities and expenses
  • Fund development and external developer assistance
  • Provide liquidity to Hydranet DEX

You can find active bonds sales at https://bonds.hydranet.ai/ or keep an eye out on our social channels for upcoming sales!


The team is continuing to work on the visualization tool for the entire tokenomics model of HDN and a cost-revenue calculator. We’ve also decided to improve visualization of events regarding the token, such as bonds issuing and token burns. Beyond this, a major tokenomics update is also being prepared where we will introduce the concepts of “Titans” and “Guardians” and much more so stay tuned!


Three major DAO votes have been live this month. View them here: