We introduced several of our team members in the previous articles which can be found here and here, and today you will get to know even more! Let’s see what Sadhill, Fedeparma, and Joe have to tell.

What is your technical/work experience?

Sadhill: Web developer

Fedeparma74: I am an electronics engineering student with a passion for computer science and blockchain technology.

Joe: I am a medicine student, but also incredibly interested in off-chain solutions like Lightning, Connext, Celer, etc.

What were you doing before you joined the team?

Sadhill: I tried to volunteer as much as I could on any side my skillset could be helpful, development/documentation, and so on. I also messaged Jo maybe too often to try to access some information.

Fedeparma74: I was helping with the tests in the closed beta, translating some contents into Italian. In my free time, I used to practice some coding.

Joe: I guess like everyone else I was helping as a community member, translating articles into German and testing the very first versions of the DEX.

How and when did you first learn about Hydranet/Stakenet?

Sadhill: About a year and a half ago, after a friend shilled me the Masternodes rewards and the privacy aspect, couldn’t believe there could be an easy all-in-one solution that doesn’t depend on CEX and where you don’t pay a million dollars in fees for some trades/transfers (talking to you Ethereum).

Fedeparma74: I have been here since POSW. At that time I was really bullish on the Proof of Stake technology.

Joe: One highly motivated german community member, JStar, introduced Stakenet to me back in 2018 if I remember correctly.

When did you join the team and begin active development?

Sadhill: I was trying to contribute to the project 3 weeks before the December release, but the ‘official’ development began 3 weeks after the bridge release when I got a vesting contract to rebrand it with the team theme.

Fedeparma74: I joined the team in April 2022.

Joe: I was a Stakenet team member for circa one year until I decided to leave in January 2022. In March 2022, I was asked to become a multi-sig signer, which I accepted. As Draper stepped down soon after, I somehow became the project manager.

What is your current role in the team?

Sadhill: I maintain the website mostly and I also maintain all web applications that we have set up (app/vesting/admin/…). I also help on the organization side, I have a good knowledge of agility and try to apply some principles here to benefit the project.

I also work on enhancing the DEX UX/UI on wireframes to make an easier and smoother experience while using the DEX. The Wireframes aren’t supposed to happen before q3/4.

Fedeparma74: Research & Development. In particular researching and testing new technologies that could fit our goal.

Joe: Project management. Basically merging different ideas into one concept, discussing it with everyone, and then giving the tasks to the related people.

What project are you currently working on?

Sadhill: Implementing features on the website, maintaining the hydranet app, trying to facilitate resource access within the team, and as I said, researching how to enhance the user experience for the DEX.

Fedeparma74: I am currently testing new technologies to significantly speed up future DEX development significantly and I’m also developing a Market Maker bot for the WhiteBIT listing.

Joe: Organizing the work to update the orderbooks, also building the team and improving things where I can.

How do you think it will benefit the Hydranet ecosystem?

Sadhill: Apart from web development, I’m a maniac of good organization and testing. I believe Hydranet will benefit from my work ethic.

Fedeparma74: If my searches prove to be functional then we could add new features for the wallet and the DEX faster and more easily.

Joe: The DEX orderbooks are missing some vital features, so once these are implemented it will make the DEX more complete.

How do you feel about the future of crypto? Where do you see it heading in five or ten years?

Sadhill: Widely used but sadly ‘controlled’, what I mean by that is, I believe banks will have their own tokens that people will use. This way, governments would still be able to have control over people, but they won’t be able to stop the spread of crypto, so they rather accept it but shape it in their own interest. I doubt they will let people have this anonymity in this era of big surveillance.

Fedeparma74: I see it being adopted more and more in the future, not only as a form of payment. I also see some value in NFTs but strong use cases have yet to be shown.

Joe: Good question. Long-term I am bullish that Bitcoin can become a decentralized money base layer, but until then, we have many steps to take. To help this goal, we are trying to help by building the Hydranet DEX.

Cryptocurrency is still a very niche field. Do you have any concerns about mainstream adoption?

Sadhill: I think for the common things, like being able to pay with your coins in a local shop it won’t be a problem. Mainstream adoption will adapt quite easily because there will be easy UI applications that will take care of that. But regarding the technical stuff, I doubt mainstream adoption will happen anytime soon, especially since there are still so many things to explore.

Fedeparma74: Not really, the barrier of entry for crypto is lowering day by day.

Joe: Actually I don’t, so much adoption is happening right now. In 10 years it will be completely normal to be invested in stocks and crypto.

What role do you see Hydranet playing in the greater crypto ecosystem?

Sadhill: Being able to have the anonymity you deserve, really owning your wallet keys, without anyone blocking you from exchanging.

This DEX will be able to combine BTC/LTC and EVM coins together without having to think/hear about if I need wrapped coins to be able to make my trade and so on, a few clicks and you’re golden! I also really love the fact that you won’t have to worry about FEES anymore once you have your channel opened.

Fedeparma74: I see it becoming the main portal for trading and swapping coins trustless and without losing custody of the funds.

Joe: As of today, there is no way yet to exchange cross-chain assets in a self-custodial, private, fast, scalable, and cheap way. That’s what we are basically building.

What is the toughest challenge you have faced working with crypto thus far?

Sadhill: — Following the constant advancement in crypto. There are so many things to try, to do, to think about. It is really hard to try to stay focused on only some topics because there is so much information around and new features coming out every month.

Fedeparma74: Constantly being contacted by non-technical people that would like to enter this world without even researching the fundamentals, just because they see it as an easy way to make money.

Joe: Combining good tech with good UX is anything but easy, especially if you want to build something that your grandma should be able to use.

What is your biggest fear?

Sadhill: Getting sick with an incurable disease

Fedeparma74: I get chills just thinking about it… Getting old.

Joe: Dying too early I guess (sorry for the downer ^^).

What is your favorite smell?

Sadhill: Smell of the burning wood or fresh air from the forest

Fedeparma74: Sounds creepy but I really like the smell of a damp and dusty basement.

Joe: Coffee (yeah I’m kinda addicted). And nice food like everyone else.

Which color do you think best represents you, and why?

Sadhill: Well, I am colorblind, so I might have a different perspective, but I would say brown. Why? I have no freaking clue.

Joe: I guess I will skip that one, I am overstrained here. I like gray anthracite though.

If you had to go blind or deaf, which would you choose?

Sadhill: As Finity said, there are so many beautiful things to see, it would be a shame to lose sight. I’ll definitely choose to be deaf.

Joe: I really listen to a lot of music, but being blind would be much worse I guess — especially if you want to build something in crypto.

How well do you think you would fare in a zombie apocalypse?

Sadhill: If I can survive the first two weeks, I would say I could live long enough to be betrayed by a woman and her child who will just need help from me on a road in the middle of nowhere. I’m too soft on that or genuinely stupid to trust people too early.

Joe: I have watched almost every zombie /end time/ dystopian movie and series under the sun, so I guess I will be prepared not to make too many mistakes. I can also run quite fast and try to stay fit. That being said, I might run out of clear water sooner or later.

Do you have anything else you would like to share with the Stakenet/Hydranet community?

Sadhill: We are trying our best to save this project, I would ask people to keep sticking together, we are trying our best to join the golden road. The priority is to secure funding to continue development because right now, you should not forget that everyone in this new team is kinda working for free at this current price…

What I would like to ask is to trust us and try to not exit directly once we have some uptrend, so the treasury can keep this uptrend price afloat to secure continuity of development.

I also want to say kudos to this awesome community, we have really great people with great and interesting topics to talk about in the chats. I had a look around on other discords, where people are only spamming this shitty ‘gm’ stuff all day, what a boring community they must have.

As a closing sentence, I would say that I never went so deep to save my initial investment in a project, it would be a disaster mentally if we don’t make it.

Fedeparma74: I have never seen such a talented team involved in a project, where everyone is very specialized in their field of work. Support us and WAGMI!

Joe: Secure your backups, download the DEX, and stay friendly to each other. Cheers!

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