Coming Soon

It is time for the next big chapter of trustless trading! The Hydranet Web DEX is the result of over a year of internal research, offering the same capabilities as the Hydranet Core DEX but with a lot of improvements. It will be platform-agnostic and readily available in the browser on any device of your choice, whether it’s a laptop, desktop or mobile.

Innovations don’t stop there - the development of Hydranet’s in-house developed off-chain protocol, Lithium, takes center stage. Compared with other off-chain protocol for EVM-based assets, Lithium shows faster transaction times, facilitates off-chain liquidity pools, and enables payment routing through multiple off-chain nodes for a decentralized network.

On the Lightning side, users are set to experience a significant boost with improved synchronization times. Additionally, the integration of Lightning Service Providers will enhance liquidity, while zero-confirmation channels will improve the swap times.

Stay tuned!