Hydranet Roadmap

Hydranet DEX - (Q2 / 2022)
  • Staking dashboard
  • HDN Bonds (DAI and wETH)
  • Lazarus testnet setup
  • BTC/USDC pair (testnet)
  • Activated Vortex
  • Liquidity provider bonds
  • Coin swap
  • Bridge: proof of concept
  • DEX: Lazarus Testnet release
  • Reach out to tracking pages
  • Coin listing
HYDRANET DEX - (Q3 / 2022)
  • Implement the guides tab
  • Release updated SSUI
  • Add localization support (different languages)
  • L2 active enhancement (all trading pairs are online simultaneously)
  • Integrate Arbitrum into the light wallet (Q2-3)
  • Investigate the feasibility of integrating Arbitrum into the DEX
HDN token - (Q3 / 2022)
  • Burn unswapped HDN
  • Investigate lower HDN APY
  • Present the first version of HDN tokenomics
Research - (Q3 / 2022)
  • EVM Scaling solutions (Q3)
  • Enhance DEX UX (Q3)
  • Investigate HDN DEX rewards
Marketing / PR: - (Q3 / 2022)
  • Build long-term strategy
  • Build partnerships
  • Research possible liquidity providers
  • Improve data tracking
Marketing - (Q4 / 2022)
  • Communication and cooperation with institutional investors
  • Research total addressable market, potential user groups
  • Atlas Release Campaign
  • Start awareness campaigns
Website - (Q4 / 2022)
  • Updated DEX landing page
  • New website (multiple languages, articles, Gitbook content, etc.)
HDN Token - (Q4 / 2022)
  • Publish HDN Tokenomics survey
  • Publish final HDN Tokenomics proposal
Hydranet DEX - (Q4 / 2022)
  • ATLAS release
  • Research and development
  • Research the implementation of Lightning pools
  • Contact Liquidity providers
Marketing Q1
  • Increase Google ads
  • Prepare ads and ad materials for Spanish-speaking regions
Website Q1
  • Update privacy policy
  • Add final HDN Tokenomics
  • Add more blog articles
HDN Token Q1
  • Confirm Multisig as DAO representatives
  • Confirm final Tokenomics proposal by DAO
  • Discuss current HDN staking APY
  • Start working on new HDN smart contracts
Hydranet DEX Q1
  • Improve simple swap UI (SSUI)
  • Review and implement Taker pays maker
  • Review and implement Connext DEX fee refunds
  • Create and implement Connext Watchtowers
  • Implement Lightning Watchtowers
Marketing Q2
  • Prepare Phoenix release materials
  • Bug bounty
  • Trading competitions
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Communication and possible cooperation with influencers
Website Q2
  • Add tracking page for trading volume, channels, downloads, trades, TVL, etc.
HDN Token Q2
  • Deploy new HDN smart contracts on testnet
  • Deploy new HDN smart contracts on mainnet
  • Update public info about HDN token
Hydranet DEX Q2
  • Create and implement Arbitrage Bot
  • Malicious actor protection (including DDoS protection)
  • Stability mechanisms for e.g. continuously failing orders protection
HDN Token Q3
  • Deployment of HDN bonds contracts on the mainnet
  • Audit of the HDN bonds smart contract to ensure security and efficiency
Marketing Q3
  • Influencer collaborations
  • Phoenix AMA events
  • Phoenix Competitions
  • Press Releases and Articles
Hydranet DEX Q3
  • Debugging and Bug Fixes
  • Small UI and UX Enhancements
Open Sourcing
  • Beta Testing (August 2023 - Mar 2024)
  • Announcement: Publicize the beta phase.
  • Feedback: Implement a system for testers' input.
  • Iterate: Refine the DEX based on feedback.
Core DEX
  • Release of an API interface for bot integration
  • Implementation of trading fee reduction for HDN holders
  • Debugging and fixes of potential bugs
  • Incremental UI enhancements
Hydranet Web Wallet
  • Development of a proof-of-concept Web Wallet
  • Demonstration of UI and UX capabilities
  • Iterative updates and improvements of the UI/UX, to enhance user experience
  • Launch of a closed beta version on testnet for an initial internal group of users
  • Integration of additional capabilities based on user feedback and internal testing
Hydranet Web DEX
  • Showcase of a proof-of-concept to exhibit the capabilities and advantages of a Web DEX
  • Release of UI/UX designs
Marketing and PR
  • Host Hydranet DEX bug bounty program
  • Creation and distribution of informational materials regarding the Web Wallet and Web DEX
  • Publish Hydranet DEX stats page (Completed)
  • Host engaging social media competitions to create buzz and increase user base
  • Update the current team overview
  • Publish Hydranet DEX Network Litepaper
HDN Token
  • Define and describe possible actors in the Hydranet DEX Network, above all Guardians (Watchtowers) and Titans (Hubs)
  • Publish reward visualization (calculation) tool of the Hydranet DEX Network
Research and Development
    • Research trustless liquidity provisioning for channel liquidity
    • Explore and innovate the HDN Tokenomics Version 2.0
    • Initiate an overhaul of the existing orderbook for enhanced performance and decentralization
    • Research of an external signer for Bitcoin and Lightning transactions, for increased security and flexibility
Open sourcing (Core DEX)
    • Code Review: Ensure no sensitive data is in the code
    • Documentation: Create necessary guides and protocols
    • Licensing: Choose a suitable open-source license.
Web Wallet
  • Public testnet release to expand the testing base and gather comprehensive feedback
  • Release external Bitcoin signer for testnet
HDN Token
  • Announcement and presentation of the HDN tokenomics update
  • Begin implementing the tokenomics update to improve system functionality and value
  • Working on a visual cost analysis for bridging usecase of Web DEX
  • Research on-chain governance for HDN token
Core DEX
  • Add new pairs and tokens (based on DAO votes)
  • Marketing: Amplify outreach efforts
  • Tutorials: Offer better user guidance
  • Feedback: Continuously gather user insights.
Hydranet's Lithium
  • Research and develop a new EVM off-chain protocol
  • Fee optimization of smart contracts to be even more competitive in comparison to on-chain DEXs
Q2 & Q3
  • Research Hybrid swaps, i.e., Layer 1 - Layer 2 swaps. For instance, Bitcoin Lightning - Arbitrum On-chain
In Progress
Marketing & PR
  • Host Hydranet DEX trading competitions
In Progress
  • Merging of the Web Wallet into Web DEX for seamless functionality
  • Commence a comprehensive re-write of the order book to improve performance and enable decentralization
In Progress
Hydranet’s Lithium
  • Add multi-hop routing
  • Add hashlock payment settlement
  • Add the option to provide trustless channel liquidity
In Progress
Hydranet Web DEX
  • Closed beta Testnet release
  • Implementation of potential additional features (user feedback)
  • UI/UX updates
  • Public Beta Testnet
  • Closed Beta Mainnet Release
  • Release external Bitcoin signer as Metamask "“"Snap"” "(https://metamask.io/snaps/)
HDN Token
  • Mainnet deployment of Hydranet Network actors
  • Implement on-chain governance
  • Get a security audit of new Tokenomics smart contracts
Hydranet's Lithium
  • Get security audit
  • Open-source Lithium code
Marketing & PR
  • Prepare release campaign for the Web DEX
  • Update 2024 Roadmap
Core DEX
  • Evaluate Feedback: Ensure platform readiness for the removal of temporary limitations
  • Update Docs: Reflect any significant DEX changes
  • Announce Transition: Inform users about the DEX’s increased channel rental and trading limits
  • Repository: Set up, e.g., GitHub repository
  • Publish Code: Make Core DEX code public with essential documentation
  • Engage Community: Encourage contributions and issue solutions