Getting started

Hydranet DEX Guides 01

01 Extracting Hydranet DEX

Download Hydranet and start easy installation.

02 First Time Setup No Backup Verify

Set your password and create a new wallet.

03 New Wallet Setup No Verification

Make a backup of the seed phrase.

04 Syncing the Blockchains

Manage blockchain synchronization after wallet setup.

05 BTC LND Sync

Automatic synchronization for Lightning Network

06 BTC LND Active

Check if Lightning Network is active.

07 Copying tBTC Receive Address

Deposit test funds into your wallet

08 tBTC Sent from Faucet

Deposit test funds into your wallet

09 tBTC Deposit Verified on Block Explorer

Check your BTC funds using Block Explorer

10 tBTC LND L1 to L2 + L2 Active

Move your funds from Layer 1 to Layer 2 by renting channels

11 rETH Faucet Deposit Verify

Deposit your test funds into your wallet

12 rETH Vector Channel Creation + L1 to L2 + Reconcile

Connect to HUB and rent a channel

13 tBTC to rETH First Swap

BTC to ETH Exchange

14 Guide I- Summary

In this video you can find a summary of all the testing procedures.

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