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Hydranet offers the world's first Layer 3 decentralized exchange — a solution for instant, trustless, order-book trading with native tokens between blockchains.

Atlas is Coming

The countdown has begun for Hydranet Atlas. Atlas will be the last Testnet release before Mainnet and will be available to everyone.










Hydranet DEX offers a native cross-chain exchange experience via Layer 2 technologies. Trade BTC to ETH directly without a bridge or wrapped assets.

Hydranet DEX executes trades off-chain. This results in low transaction fees and almost instant confirmation times, unlike on-chain counterparts.

Hydranet DEX offers an experience that you can use like CEX but leaves your assets under your control. Trade without KYC and with maximum privacy.


Hydranet offers the World's First Layer 3 DEX

Hydranet enables Bitcoin and Ethereum, two fundamentally different blockchains, to communicate thanks to a revolutionary technology that we have dubbed "Layer 3".

Hydranet reduces network load without compromising security. The average transaction settlement time is merely 1 second.

Hydranet doesn’t require wrapped tokens. Native assets can seamlessly be exchanged between different chains without the need for a Layer 2 bridge.


A Decentralized and Autonomous Organization

Hydranet derives its strength from the community. In addition to voting and governance, the HDX token price will appreciate with every trade on the DEX using buybacks for liquidity and burn mechanisms.

We are a decentralized organization. In the spirit of decentralization we are committed to never having custody over your funds and to share the DEX success with the community through unique Tokenomics.

After launch, we are planning to create Loyalty Rewards for Users & Community. Being an early supporter of Hydranet will not be in vain! Stay tuned.

Hydranet Questions

What Does Hydranet Offer Solutions For?
Hydranet offers solutions to the most important problems of blockchain technology with Layer 3 DEX. As a blockchain grows in popularity and demand, heavy network traffic can lead to serious congestion problems that cause transaction fees and confirmation wait times to increase astronomically. This is where Hydranet comes in. Its approach of strictly using Layer 2 assets results in very low transaction fees, nearly-instantaneous speeds, and the possibility of exchanging real assets that exist independently from one another and have no direct bridge. Check out the DEX page for more details.
The Hydranet team is made up of a diverse group of volunteers, most of whom dedicate their time to development and management despite also working full-time jobs. If you would like to learn more about individual team members and their respective backgrounds and work experiences, you can read about them in a three-part series: Part I , Part II , Part III
The detailed roadmap is available here on our website, Currently, the DEX is undergoing major ugprades from its first public testnet build (Lazarus). When these upgrades have been implemented successfully, our second testnet build (Atlas) will debut publicly (Q4 2022). After this we will move to Mainnet, this version will be called Phoenix (Date TBA).
HDX is the governance token for the Hydranet project. In addition to voting, HDX holders will benefit from the trades on the DEX by the design of our Tokenomics. By offering HDX sales in the form of bonds directly from the Hydranet website, the team is able to raise funds for development, infrastructure, and marketing. Hydranet is and always has been community-driven, and we cannot overstate our gratitude for all the support we've received.

Community Questions

What is the Purpose of the Community?
Hydranet is a community-based, DAO-controlled project that draws its core strengths from its dedicated, organic following. The community serves as the DAOs support network, and vice-versa. Important decisions are made by community voting. Business plans and goals are relayed by the team to the community on both an as-needed basis and in the form of weekly and monthly project status updates. The community, in turn, provides feedback, votes with their wallets, and proposes ideas for future votes. You too can be part of the Hydranet community.
"DAO" is short for "Decentralized Autonomous Organization". Hydranet is managed through cooperation between the community and the Hydranet team. Proposals are arranged on the Snapshot platform so that HDX holders can vote on important topics, and the team then implements those decisions accordingly.
By joining the community, you can be involved in the decision-making process at its most basic level. Much of our content production, moderation, and social media management has come from volunteers. We have international community represantatives for an impressive number of countries and languages. These efforts significantly enhance communication between the team and community itself. We invite you to join the Hydranet Discord channel and try out the testnet DEX for yourself!
Hydranet DEX is a groundbreaking project for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. By joining the community, you stand to witness this revolution up close. You currently have the opportunity to stake your funds with an avarage annual income of 7.5%. With the release of Phoenix, you will indirectly earn from Hydranet DEX trades, see our Tokenomics. Depending on the needs of the project and your areas of expertise, you may also be a fit for our team.


Hydranet Roadmap 2023

Marketing Q1
  • Increase Google ads
  • Prepare ads and ad materials for Spanish-speaking regions
Marketing Q2
  • Prepare Phoenix release materials
  • Bug bounty
  • Trading competitions
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Communication and possible cooperation with influencers
Website Q1
  • Update privacy policy
  • Add final HDX Tokenomics
  • Add more blog articles
Website Q2
  • Add tracking page for trading volume, channels, downloads, trades, TVL, etc.
HDX Token Q1
  • Confirm Multisig as DAO representatives
  • Confirm final Tokenomics proposal by DAO
  • Discuss current HDX staking APY
  • Start working on new HDX smart contracts
HDX Token Q2
  • Deploy new HDX smart contracts on testnet
  • Deploy new HDX smart contracts on mainnet
  • Update public info about HDX token
Hydranet DEX Q1
  • Improve simple swap UI (SSUI)
  • Review and implement Taker pays maker
  • Review and implement Connext DEX fee refunds
  • Create and implement Connext Watchtowers
  • Implement Lightning Watchtowers
Hydranet DEX Q2
  • Create and implement Arbitrage Bot
  • Malicious actor protection (including DDoS protection)
  • Stability mechanisms for e.g. continuously failing orders protection
  • Various UI/UX updates


Where To Purchase HDX


WhiteBIT is a top 15 exchange with high liquidity, a dedicated team, and many tradable pairs. Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link. We earn a commission if you use the link to sign up and trade.


Uniswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates automated transactions between cryptocurrency tokens on EVM-compatible blockchains through the use of smart contracts.

HDX Bonds

Users can buy HDX bonds with DAI or wETH, supporting the project and the token directly. All acquired funds go into the treasury and are used to pay developers, server costs, and all marketing expenses. American citizens are not allowed to buy bonds.


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