What does Hydranet offer solutions for?
Hydranet offers solutions to the most important problems of blockchain technology with Layer 3 DEX. As a blockchain grows in popularity and demand, heavy network traffic can lead to serious congestion problems that cause transaction fees and confirmation wait times to increase astronomically. This is where Hydranet comes in. Its approach of strictly using Layer 2 assets results in very low transaction fees, nearly-instantaneous speeds, and the possibility of exchanging real assets that exist independently from one another and have no direct bridge. Check out the DEX page for more details.
Because Hydranet offers something that’s needed and not offered yet by any project. That is, a fully Decentralized exchange that can trade native assets fast and cheap.
By our analysis, it’s Thorchain Rune swap.
We offer non-custodial, scalable, and private swaps across different blockchains.
The Hydranet team is made up of a diverse group of volunteers, most of whom dedicate their time to development and management despite also working full-time jobs. If you would like to learn more about individual team members and their respective backgrounds and work experiences, you can read about them in a three-part series on our Medium site or Website blog section: Part I , Part II , Part III
HDN is currently sold at Uniswap, Whitebit and as bonds. More exchange listings will be announced once it's suitable.
By joining the community, you can be involved in the decision-making process at its most basic level. Much of our content production, moderation, and social media management have come from volunteers. We have international community representatives for an impressive number of countries and languages. These efforts significantly enhance communication between the team and community itself. We invite you to join the Hydranet Discord channel and try out the testnet DEX for yourself!
The Hydranet team runs continuous dialogs with lawyers to minimize the risk of regulatory consequences. Measures are also actively being taken for this purpose. One example is the latest Tokenomics version and its strategic liquidity suggestion. The Hydranet team and community are here for a successful DEX, and we have to make sure this is not inhibited because of legal issues.

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