What is the Purpose of the HDN Token?
HDN is the governance token for the Hydranet project. In addition to voting, HDN holders will benefit from the trades on the DEX by the design of our Tokenomics. By offering HDN sales in the form of bonds directly from the Hydranet website, the team is able to raise funds for development, infrastructure, and marketing. Hydranet is and always has been community-driven, and we cannot overstate our gratitude for all the support we've received.
With the new tokenomics in place, the maximum supply of HDN will be 300 Million.
DEX revenues will be used for strategic liquidity.
Improve HDN liquidity, focus on the utility aspect of the HDN token, possible buyback and burn.
70% of all accrued fees will go into strategic liquidity. The remaining 30% will be used for continued development of the Hydranet DEX
A DNFT can be used to lower the trading fees on the Hydranet DEX.
Yes, we plan to have some DNFTs tradeable
No, staking rewards will be depreciated, at the latest when the Hydranet DEX is launched on mainnet.
You need to be a known influencer to get a referral link.

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