HDX Token

Disclaimer: The Hydranet team strives for utility but wants to avoid negative regulatory consequences, in any case, therefore everything is preliminary before a review, the own properties of the token in the document must not be interpreted as an inducement or incentive to buy and we reserve the right to any changes.

Hydranet (HDX) is the platform's utility and governance token, backed primarily by GLP. The Hydra project is driven primarily by focusing on the Hydranet DEX development. To support this, tokens will be reserved and either vested or held in a multi-sig over a 2-year period. The current HDX staking APY is 7.5 %.

Token Information

HDX Token Contract Adresses:

HDX: 0xF4fe727C855c2D395852ca43F645caB4b504Af23

sHDX: 0xb7F5ca475D7F62ab9A6729d8118b0E65E666f005

gHDX: 0xE33050122e346CAAb4505BEaDc514C024722a38E

Difference between sHDX and gHDX

Staking sHDX and gHDX will reward the same amount of HDX over the same period until the rewards get switched to DEX fees. The difference is in how those rewards come: For sHDX, stakers receive an amount of sHDX for each rebase period (every 8 hours). For gHDX, the stakers’ amount of gHDX remains constant, but the amount of HDX that each gHDX is worth increases with each rebase period. This is determined by the calculation gHDX * index = HDX.

The current index can be found on the dashboard: https://app.hydranet.ai

Initial Supply

102 Million HDX from the XSN (Stakenet) Migration

16 Million HDX in the treasury to team & partnerships with majority vested over 1-2 years

10 Million HDX as POL, paired with ETH for liquidity on Uniswap. Liquidity will be gradually added as the price increases

24 Million HDX from staking rewards

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