We are proud to announce that HDX (Hydranet) will be listed on WhiteBIT!

WhiteBIT *is a centralized crypto-to-fiat exchange trusted and used by 300k users from different countries. It has all European Exchange and Custody licenses and is considered to be one of the safest platforms among centralized exchanges.

We have chosen HDX/USDT as our preferred pair to be more independent of BTC movements, it’s also easier to see the price directly then. The exact listing date will be announced once we have a final date.

*Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link. We earn a commission if you use the link to sign up and trade. Thanks.

Top exchange

WhiteBIT has established itself through hard work and endurance as a worldwide top exchange.


We believe liquidity is much more important than daily volume — as it cannot be that easily faked or manipulated. Ranked #30 on CoinMarketCap (by liquidity), WhiteBIT provides a healthy trading environment for users.


WhiteBIT has been ranked as a top 3 exchange by cybersecurity rating, according to an analysis performed by Cer.live. In addition, 96% of all assets are held in cold wallets.

Additional reasons

Their exchange is easy to use, they have a very professional and accessible team that is easy to work with. They have low trading fees and have supported the Ukrainian government by donating ~ 3 Million USD to fight the war. WhiteBIT also has 143 projects listed on their exchange and completes around facilitating $3billion in trades per day.

Note: WhiteBIT is compliant with KYC & AML policies to prevent any unlawful behavior from digital currency developers and platform users. However; traders are able to withdraw up to 2 BTC a day without completing KYC.

Hydranet DAO is a platform focused on building a Layer 3 DEX — making fundamentally-incompatible decentralized crypto networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum talk fluently by way of Layer 3 abstraction with EVM-centric smart contracts and state channels, and Bitcoin/UTXO-based off-chain protocols like the Lightning Network.

HDX is an Arbitrum token based on the (3,3) Protocol-owned Liquidity model pioneered by OlympusDAO.

HDX rewards are generated by bonding funds to the protocol to provide it with further liquidity. HDX will additionally serve as the meta-token of our Layer 3 DEX, being the end recipient of swaps from trading fees and DeFi services.

Key highlights of Hydranet’s Layer 3 DEX:

Users can download the testnet version of the DEX here: https://hydranet.ai.

Please note:

All users who have XSN on WhiteBIT will have their coins swapped automatically to HDX. You have to do nothing to receive the HDX if you have currently XSN on WhiteBIT.

WhiteBIT is implementing the Arbitrum network as we speak. We will announce the exact date of deposit and trading of HDX once we have the final confirmation, so stay tuned!

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