This year gave Hydranet an extraordinary bonus — an additional day. To make the most of it, we conveniently got listed on two new exchanges on the 29th of February, making it a day to remember. Reflecting on the achievements of February sheds light on what will follow in March, NOVA, the anticipated testnet release of the Hydranet Web Wallet. We are fueled with excitement over this milestone which shows we are truly on the uprise.

Web wallet — NOVA release

The Hydranet Web Wallet has seen major improvements this month, leading up to the announcement of the first public testnet release, NOVA. Nova is latin for “New”, and in astronomy is synonymous with the appearance of a new star. This is precisely what the Hydranet Web Wallet is in the blockchain universe.

Hydranet’s Web Wallet will enable users to seamlessly perform off-chain transactions, not only with Bitcoin but with various EVM tokens as well. The Web Wallet is platform agnostic and accessible via any browser of your choice, whether it’s on desktop, mobile or tablet. There is no need to download any additional client or software and a single seed phrase will control and backup all your assets, Bitcoin and EVM tokens alike. What makes the Hydranet Web Wallet even more unique is its integration of off-chain nodes directly in the browser. While other off-chain wallets need to rely on either centralized off-chain nodes (which renders them custodial) or off-chain nodes run on a distant server controlled by the user, the Hydranet Web Wallet boosts the user experience and off-chain accessibility by running these nodes directly in the browser under the control of the user. This is a never-seen-before solution!

Throughout February, the Hydranet Web Wallet has seen upgrades to its EVM off-chain modals and on-chain sending modals, as well as getting a pricing API (developed by Adinael, our newest developer) integrated. For those of you not familiar with the term “modal”, this is the term for an overlay window sitting on top of the main application containing extra information or options for the user without cluttering up the main content. Lastly, the Hydranet Web Wallet is currently being prepared to integrate the channel rental manager, an important feature for the exchange functions that is yet to come. Lithium is also seeing progress this month with the implementation of a subgraph indexer and unilateral settlements.

NOVA will be released in two stages. A closed testnet version will be released to a limited number of participants on the 9th of March, followed by the public testnet release on the 29th of March. This first iteration of the Hydranet Web Wallet will include:

  • Bitcoin on-chain & off-chain actions on the Bitcoin Signet
  • EVM on-chain actions on the Ethereum Holesky testnet
  • Wallet page: Manage your assets
  • Channel page: Conduct off-chain transactions
  • Transactions page: Track your transaction history
  • Settings: Customize your preferences
  • Dark/light mode: Choose your preferred theme

Since every single bit of feedback will form the future of Hydranet, your participation in testing NOVA is highly valuable! Stay tuned for more information!

Tokenomics and Organization

This month a DAO vote for an update of the tokenomics model for Hydranet has been approved by the collective shareholders. This proposal entails an updated collateral and fee structure for the future actors of Hydranet, such as Guardians and Titans.

You can view the DAO vote Proposal #29 here and read more about the proposed changes in the attached document:

The updates will be reflected in the Hydranet network simulator.

We are also happy to announce that the new DAO Forum is released to the team for testing and reviewing. We are looking forward to sharing it with you!

Exchange listings

One of the most exciting updates in February is that we got HDN listed on not only one, but two new exchanges! This is the result of our recently initiated growth campaign. It is now possible to trade HDN on the following additional platforms: accommodates approximately 10 million active users and facilitates a daily trading volume of around $1 billion. Being listed with them, our hope is to expand further into the well-established Asian market. If you want to trade at XT, please use our referral link and contribute to Hydranet even further when you sign up!

The second HDN listing took place at, a fresh, dynamic and user-friendly trading platform. Known for its reputable team, sleek interface, and high professionalism, Toobit is on the rise in the trading world. With close to $1 billion in daily trading volume and over 5 million monthly visitors, it’s constantly pushing for excellence and higher tiers. If you are interested in trading at Toobit, please use our referral link when creating your account.

Hydranet & Make-It partnership

We are always looking to strengthen the liquidity behind the HDN token and this month we announced a new partnership with Make-It, a professional liquidity provision and market maker firm. Make-it offers various services such as enhancing order book liquidity, spread management, and solutions for price stability across trading pairs and exchanges. The partnership will start with operations at the newly opened HDN/USDT pair at and, down the road, expand to our Core DEX and Web DEX orderbooks to ensure stability. The partnership is also an opportunity for the team to exchange experiences with other industry actors and to establish new connections.

Core DEX updates

The Core DEX is under continuous development and February is no exception. This month we’ve further improved the LSSD (Lightning Simple Swap Daemon), i.e., the Core DEX API, and are starting to integrate the Vortex bot with the LSSD. A new grid bot implementation has been carried out and is undergoing some testing, and some bugs related to order ID have been resolved.