New quarter, new goals! Let’s break down the planned tasks that we will be working on in the next months. The goals of this major roadmap update are planned to go live between July 2022 and December 2022.

  • build market maker bots: typical bots like they are used on every (centralized) exchange
  • build arbitrage bots: connected to a centralized exchange, mirroring the liquidity
  • debug and release Vortex: in-wallet market maker bots for every user
  • build a public and updated API: so every external bot team can add their bots too
  • implement referral links: this will sustainable make social media campaigns much more efficient
  • add Chainlink price feed: in the spirit of decentralization we will have a decentralized price oracle
  • Atlas release: orderbook fixes, arbitrum added to orderbook, and light wallet
  • Phoenix release: release of the Hydranet DEX in Mainnet
  • improve UX: for a large wallet overhaul we want to improve the user experience drastically

HDX token

  • develop, test, and publish HNFTS, HDX DEX smart contracts: the exact functions of these contracts will be explained in the tokenomics
  • reduce maximum supply: also set a fixed max supply and revoke any possibilities to do extra mints


  • homepage update: including light mode, FAQ section, and more
  • DEX and HDX stats page
  • dedicated DEX showcase page

Research and development

  • showcase results of previous EVM scaling solution research
  • research the implementation of lightning pools (to increase BTC channel rental liquidity)
  • research HLP: Hydra Liquidity provider token, to enable liquidity providing by everyone
  • Neutrino investigation: to improve scalability and speed of future development
  • Direct advertising (eg Twitter Ads)
  • Communication and cooperation with institutional investors
  • Contact influencers, researchers and other useful projects
  • Research total addressable market, potential user groups
  • Expanding the community (eg by Drip campaigns)

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