General Info


A 3-5 Gnosis multi-sig manages the HDX treasury. The treasury itself gets filled from HDX bonds sale. The bond sale proceeds then get staked as GLP or spent directly for Hydranet DEX development. Read more about HDX Bonds here.

New bonds are now issued weekly, with a total capacity of 3000 USD. As we plan to increase our development team and start marketing activities, we plan to increase this limit to 5000 USD per week.

We ultimately aim to get circa 250k USD by bonds sale into our treasury, to make sure we can continue developing even in difficult market conditions.

You can buy bonds here:


Current assets held by Hydranet DAO

last update: 01.02.2023

41,273.92 GLP 13,634,613 GHDX
2.225 AETH 5,250.96 USDT
68.14388872 DAI  

You can track the live value of the Hydranet treasury here:

POL: 0xB9eBe487fc454264CbCdDfd19374D4D2353c779d


Protocol Owned Liquidity

The project will administer liquidity in Uniswap V3 set at a 1% fee from a 3-6 multi-sig. Fees generated will act as yield, converted to GLP, and deposited into the main PCV treasury.​​​​

The POL can be tracked here:


Protocol Controlled Value (PCV)

Protocol Controlled Value (PCV) will be managed by a 3-6 gnosis multi-sig. The assets in the PCV will be composed of mostly highly liquid assets.

Multi-signers will have the ability to purchase assets, stake, and manage the treasury for the PCV.




ContractsAuthority: 0xC1Fa33137139C9348561D15F207E3a885F5f5f85

pHDX: 0xd1858D3aD0410ea96db5A5661D776a696eB63F5e

HDX: 0xF4fe727C855c2D395852ca43F645caB4b504Af23

sHDX: 0xb7F5ca475D7F62ab9A6729d8118b0E65E666f005

gHDX: 0xE33050122e346CAAb4505BEaDc514C024722a38E

Treasury: 0x18ebbEba2c098a0cAE227cd0309eCf976e4Ed245

Staking: 0xd20CDF95a08ACDf8Aa360232Caeda6E59a06951D

Distributor: 0xAc9Ed7Fb563B4A93bDB43fa3f5B2Bf0dB53DF856

Vesting: 0xf7C14bc7dD8dd1eD95Be525A4282E7fb3313f39D

Bond Depository: 0xE71d46c6B1ecD2812c11E52Cfb28a4AE3AEa6580