Hydranet Roadmap - 2023

Marketing Q1
  • Increase Google ads
  • Prepare ads and ad materials for Spanish-speaking regions
Marketing Q2
  • Prepare Phoenix release materials
  • Bug bounty
  • Trading competitions
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Communication and possible cooperation with influencers
Website Q1
  • Update privacy policy
  • Add final HDN Tokenomics
  • Add more blog articles
Website Q2
  • Add tracking page for trading volume, channels, downloads, trades, TVL, etc.
HDN Token Q1
  • Confirm Multisig as DAO representatives
  • Confirm final Tokenomics proposal by DAO
  • Discuss current HDN staking APY
  • Start working on new HDN smart contracts
HDN Token Q2
  • Deploy new HDN smart contracts on testnet
  • Deploy new HDN smart contracts on mainnet
  • Update public info about HDN token
Hydranet DEX Q1
  • Improve simple swap UI (SSUI)
  • Review and implement Taker pays maker
  • Review and implement Connext DEX fee refunds
  • Create and implement Connext Watchtowers
  • Implement Lightning Watchtowers
Hydranet DEX Q2
  • Create and implement Arbitrage Bot
  • Malicious actor protection (including DDoS protection)
  • Stability mechanisms for e.g. continuously failing orders protection
HDN Token Q3
  • Deployment of HDN bonds contracts on the mainnet
  • Audit of the HDN bonds smart contract to ensure security and efficiency
Marketing Q3
  • Influencer collaborations
  • Phoenix AMA events
  • Phoenix Competitions
  • Press Releases and Articles
Hydranet DEX Q3
  • Debugging and Bug Fixes
  • Small UI and UX Enhancements