Guide how to swap your XSN coins to HDX tokens

Special thanks to Sadhill for providing this guide.


Please proceed at your own risk and or do your own research on the Ethereum system. In this guide, we will use Metamask as a Wallet.

About Metamask

If you don’t have a Metamask wallet yet, you can get it here:

Install MetaMask Extension for Chrome, Brave, Firefox and Edge browers. MetaMask for mobile devices is also available…


1- Quick Breakdown

2- In Detail: Add Arbitrum network to your Metamask Wallet

3- In Detail: Import the three tokens (HDX, gHDX, sHDX) into your wallet

4- In Detail: Swap your XSN to HDX (1:1 conversion)

Regarding swap, these are the steps in a short oversight:
- create an account via metamask
- switch to the Arbitrum network (aETH is not necessary for the swap, but to stake or send further. Fees are ~ cents to a few euros per transaction)
- go to

Enter your account address in the swap website’s swap field (or directly connect your Metamask wallet, which ultimately automates this step):

  •  your HDX credit will ultimately be sent to this Metamask account via the swap mechanism
  • click confirmation and you will receive an XSN address to which you can send your XSN
  • after 10 confirmations, these XSNs will be displayed as “pending” on the swap website
  • to complete the swap, you have to solve a Captcha and confirm one more time
  • wait until the status of your swap (which also works in several batches via the same swap address) has changed to CONFIRMED.

If you have problems with the Swap website, you should disable ads and pop-up blockers.

  • at the HDX website, you can now connect to Metamask again and your tokens should be displayed both on your Metamask account and in the HDX dashboard of the connected HDC website.
  • under the STAKE tab, you can select your unstaked HDX for staking by entering it. The confirmation costs a small fee (aETH)

Now we will guide you through a detailed step-by-step guide.

2. Add Arbitrum network to your Metamask Wallet

Click on your Metamask Networks and click on Add network

You will be redirected to the page below, add the following values

Network Name: Arb1


Chain ID: 42161

Currency Symbol: ETH

Block Explorer URL:

Click on save, afterward you should see Arb1 in your network list

3. Import the three tokens (HDX, gHDX, sHDX) into your wallet

Please note: You actually only need the HDX for the swap, but we will import all 3 tokens, so it will be ready in your wallet for when you start staking/bonding Select the Arb1 network.

As there is 3 token, you will have to repeat three times this process.

In your Metamask, click on the Import tokens under the Don’t see your token?

Each time during that process, add the address below on the input Token Contract Address

  • HDX: 0xF4fe727C855c2D395852ca43F645caB4b504Af23
  • sHDX: 0xb7F5ca475D7F62ab9A6729d8118b0E65E666f005
  • gHDX: 0xE33050122e346CAAb4505BEaDc514C024722a38E

The two other inputs will be filled automatically after recognizing the token contract address.

4. Swap your XSN to HDX (1:1 conversion)

Follow now these steps:

  • Head to up
  • Click on Connect Metamask on the top
  • Select your account -> Next -> Connect
  • Your ETH address should directly fill the input Ethereum Address on the UI once your wallet is connected
  • Send your XSN to the deposit address
  • Head back again to
  • You should see your deposit listed in the table, click on Process Deposits to confirm the swap.
  • Since there is heavy traffic going on, it can take up some time to see the deposit listed on the table. However, keep calm and reach out to discord for help (swap-support channel)

  • Once you clicked on Receive your funds, please be aware it can take some time (10 confirmations)

If you enter any issues, please reach out to us on Discord.