Hydranet achieved excellent results this month! The long-standing swap rate success goal for Hydranet DEX (95%) has not only been reached, but greatly exceeded: 98! The DEX has undergone several major updates, 3 of which were released within the span of a week at the end of the month.

Hydranet.ai has been redesigned, marketing has ramped up, our Twitter Space is in its 7th continual week, the Tokenomics survey generated feedback from over 150 participants, a 2nd community survey is currently underway, the team has welcomed new additions, and a series of video infographics about the DEX was launched. Last but not least, a release strategy was unveiled for the 3rd and final stage of the DEX (Phoenix).

Website Redesign

At the beginning of the month, Hydranet.ai was redesigned and expanded. We have decided to move towards self-hosting our content to better preserve our own articles and materials. Hydranet Gitbook docs are now directly available on the website. The site now features support for multiple languages: German, Japanese, Spanish, and Turkish. Additionally, a dark/light mode was added.

We encourage you to visit our website and provide us with feedback on the 2nd community survey defined below.

Explore ATLAS video series

A series of 6 short videos demonstrating unique aspects of Hydranet DEX were periodically released throughout the month. You can watch them all

Twitter Space

November concluded with our 7th consecutive Twitter Space row. The most recent Twitter Space sessions gained over 600 listeners!

DEX Updates

One Instance Market Maker Bot Trading

On previous builds of Hydranet DEX, bot trading required a patchwork of multiple coin pair setups and channels. An early November update unified and simplified this interface. All pairs are now serviceable with only one instance!

3 New Builds of Hydranet DEX in 1 Week

At the end of November, 3 updated builds of the DEX were released within the span of a week, including:

Improvements to LND, DNS, and geth stability.

Further enhancements to the bot trading interface.

98% swap success rate in the testing environment, smashing the longstanding 95% target!

Hydranet DEX Release Strategy

The following is a list of remaining planning stages until the mainnet release:

  • Final round of pre-release ATLAS bugfixes
  • ATLAS public release
  • Taker pays Maker implementation
  • DEX fee refund implementation
  • stabilize both during near-final stages of ATLAS
  • Phoenix (mainnet) release

LND Hotfix

“This is an emergency hotfix release to fix a bug that can cause lnd nodes to be unable to parse certain transactions that have a very large number of witness inputs.

This release contains no major features, and is instead just a hotfix applied on top of v0.15.3.”

(Source: https://github.com/lightningnetwork/lnd/releases/tag/v0.15.4-beta)

Edits to Follow Tokenomics Survey

At the end of October, the HDX community was invited to participate in a survey and give feedback on the most recent draft of HDX’s proposed tokenomics model. By the time the survey concluded on November 10, over 150 participated — providing the HDX team with critical feedback and data to factor into the next tokenomics draft. This rewrite is expected to release in December.

2nd Survey: Community Feedback

While our 1st survey focused on tokenomics, the 2nd survey seeks to gain feedback and insight from the community about the management of HDX as a project and how effectively it communicates and markets itself. Suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Team Additions

Kilppari has returned to develop and debug ATLAS.

Smurf, a long-time community member, has joined Hydranet as one of its new Content Creators.

Zerga, a veteran of the community, has been promoted to moderator.

We are excited to have this talent working with us!

LinkedIn Competition

In preparation for further marketing, a contest was announced at the beginning of the month — paying out a total of 10,000 HDX to promote Hydranet and the DEX among LinkedIn Networks. The contest concluded on November 12, with the winners being: Thierry (1st), Enoch (2nd), Tansel (3rd), HSN (4th), and Sezgin (5th). Congratulations to all the contest winners!

24 Days of Dexember

We’ll be giving away 48,000 HDX throughout the first 24 days of December, with a Christmas Eve Superdraw! Visit https://hydranet.ai/en/contest and enter for a chance to win!

Special thanks to our author Nighcourtfan for writing this article!

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