The Hydranet token, HDX, is hosted on the Arbitrum network (Arbitrum One), and in this article we will tell you what you need to know in order to add the Arbitrum network and the HDX, sHDX and gHDX tokens to your MetaMask wallet. Lastly, there will be instructions on how you stake your HDX tokens via the Hydranet website. 

The article is structured in the following order

A- Installing MetaMask

B- Adding the Arbitrum Network to MetaMask

C- Adding HDX, sHDX and gHDX to MetaMask

D- Stake your HDX

A- Installing MetaMask

To install the MetaMask wallet to your browser, simply search metamask download in your favorite search engine, or navigate to the MetaMask download page. From there, press Install MetaMask for <your browser> and follow the steps. You can choose to either import an existing wallet using a seed phrase, or to create a new wallet and obtain a new 12-word seed phrase. Make sure to back-up your seed phrase and, as always, don"t share this with anyone!

You should now be able to open MetaMask by clicking on its icon, typically in the top right corner in your browser. MetaMask is installed as a browser extension. If you can’t see it, simply look among your installed browser extensions. 

You will have an account with an associated public key created for you (Account 1). Observe that the Ethereum network is chosen as the default network. In the next step we are going to add and switch to the Arbitrum network instead. 

B- Adding the Arbitrum Network

The Arbitrum network is not shown per default in MetaMask, so you need to add this network. Follow the steps below to do so. 

1- Press the dropdown menu where it says Ethereum Mainnet. All the available networks should now be visible to you. By default, these are no more networks than the Ethereum mainnet and some testnets (the testnets may be hidden).

2- Press Add network at the bottom of the menu. You will be redirected to a “MetMask settings page”. On this settings page (on later versions of MetaMask) you will be able to select and add the Arbitrum network from a list of popular networks. Simply press Add next to Arbitrum One and approve the inclusion of this network. 

Proceed to step 4 if you were able to add the Arbitrum network from the list of popular networks. If the Arbitrum network (or the list list of networks) did not appear, proceed to step 3 to add it manually instead. 

3- Press Add a network manually at the bottom of the settings page. Add the following information in the empty fields and then press Save:

Network name: Arbitrum One


Chain ID: 42161

Currency symbol: ETH

Block Explorer URL:

4- From the dropdown menu you should now be able to select the Arbitrum network. Select it and let’s then proceed with adding the HDX token to the wallet!

C- Adding HDX, sHDX and gHDX tokens

Sometimes, tokens are not shown automatically in your MetaMask wallet when you deposit them to your wallet address. Fear not! The tokens will still be available on your address. You can confirm this by looking at your address on, for instance, Arbiscan. To see them in your MetaMask wallet you will need to manually import the missing tokens. The steps presented below will tell you how.

1- Press Import tokens at the bottom of your MetaMask wallet.

2- Enter the following information in the Token contract address field. The two remaining fields will be filled automatically when the contract address is recognized. 

  • HDX: 0xF4fe727C855c2D395852ca43F645caB4b504Af23

3- You should now be able to see the HDX token in your wallet overview. 

Repeat steps 1-3 for sHDX and gHDX. Use the following token contract addresses. 

  • sHDX: 0xb7F5ca475D7F62ab9A6729d8118b0E65E666f005
  • gHDX: 0xE33050122e346CAAb4505BEaDc514C024722a38E

D- Stake you HDX

To stake your HDX, navigate to:

The first thing you will need to do is to connect your wallet by pressing the Connect Wallet button and selecting MetaMask in the menu that will open.

If you have more than one address in your MetaMask wallet, select which address you want to connect (preferably the one that contains HDX) and press Next. In the following page you will need to accept and allow the Hydranet website to see your wallet address, wallet balance, wallet activity and allow the website to suggest transactions for you to approve. You accept these terms by pressing Connect.

You should now be able to see the interface in the figure below. If it doesn"t appear automatically, press the Connect Wallet button again. As you may notice, the wallet connected to the website in the making of this guide contains 1 HDX. 

To stake your HDX, you have to approve the Hydranet website to use your HDX for staking. This is done via an on-chain transaction and you will therefore need AETH in your wallet for this action. Press Approve to approve the Hydranet website to access your HDX, then confirm the transaction by pressing Confirm.

When the transaction has been approved, the interface will change slightly to allow you to stake your HDX. You can stake your HDX as either sHDX or gHDX. The APY is the same! Enter the amount of HDX you want to stake and press Stake to sHDX/gHDX. Another on-chain transaction is required when you stake your HDX and you will therefore need AETH in your wallet for this action as well.

When you want to unstake your sHDX or gHDX to retrieve your HDX, press the Unstake button below the displayed APY. When you unstake your sHDX or gHDX for the first time you will have to approve the website to access your sHDX or gHDX, just as for the case with HDX. Complete the approval and then enter the amount of sHDX or gHDX you want to unstake. Press Unstake sHDX/gHDX to retrieve your HDX. An on-chain transaction is performed once again. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the community or team members for help! Welcome onboard!